USAF Heritage Week

From Oct 13, 2006 through Oct 21, 2007, the Air Force commemorated its 60th anniversary with national and international events designed to recognize the accomplishments of its past and present Airmen, reinforce pride in those who serve, and generate excitement from our promising future.  As a service the USAF has partnered with marquee events around the United States, such as the Rose Bowl Parade, the Super Bowl, and dozens more.  Of all the events, however, the Air Force leadership has picked one, and only one event to be given the title of “Air Force Heritage Week.” This honor has been bestowed on the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends.

Air Force Heritage Week was seven days of activities that included visits by senior Air Force leaders, flight demonstrations, including the Air Force’s elite demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, visits to local youth groups by Airmen, messages from Airmen deployed fighting the Global War on Terror, and much, much more.  The weeklong commemoration of 60 years of freedom culminated with the aviation celebration at Rickenbacker International Airport. 

Air Force Heritage Week gave the citizens of the area the opportunity to pause and remember there are talented, dedicated, professional Airmen serving around the world day and night to keep America safe.  They are the same kind of Airmen that flew the Mustangs 65 years ago.  We are proud to embrace our heritage and pay tribute to the dedication, sacrifice and contributions of those who pioneered the skies ahead of us.