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Hermann Goering, the head of Hitler's Luftwaffe said it all when he stated, " The day I saw P-51 Mustang flying over Berlin, I knew the jig was up." The Mustang stampede over Germany did help to end the war in Europe with horses named, "Big Beautiful Doll", "Cripes Almighty", Shangri-La, "Macon Belle", "Scat VII", "Flying Dutchman," "Old Crow", "Glamorous Glen", "Angels Playmate", "Moonbeam McSwine", just to name a few of the 15,875 Mustangs that were built. Only 284 of these great WWII fighters remain today and only about 150 of them are in flight worthy condition, a mere 1%. Who are the keepers of these warriors from WWII? Who have tended to history's stable of great Mustang fighters so that we will all be able to hear and see the P-51 fly in this century?

Since the release from US military service of the Mustang in 1957 civilians have owned and cared for these great planes, keeping their history and heritage alive. Today these planes are worth millions fully restored but in the eyes of history they are priceless for they bring to all of us the sights and sounds of the greatest generation of fighters.

The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends brought together the largest group of P-51s since they graced the sky over Europe over 6 decades ago. Thanks to the many men and women who have invested their time, their talents and their money into restoring them; we can still see and hear the sound of a Rolls Royce engine's throaty roar overhead- the sound of freedom.