The Gathering of Mustangs & Legends offered many opportunities for companies to become involved with the event at various levels.


• Lew Shaw
• Tom & Dan Friedkin

Addional Supporters

Airport Business Solutions
Creative Spot
Garth's Auctions
Warbird Depot

Media Partners

Warbird Digest
Flying Magazine
Ohio Magazine

Legend Hosts

• Arthur Fiedler hosted by Nathan Davis
• Clayton Kelly Gross hosted by Fred & Barbara Fehsenfeld
• Robert Powell hosted by Tom Patten
• James Brooks hosted by Chris and Leslie Woods
• Charles McGee hosted by Steve Craig
• Betty Blake hosted by John Session
• Bud Anderson hosted by Jack Roush
• Regis Urschler hosted By Bill Pratt
• William W. Foard hosted By Jim Thompson, Evan Zeiger, Billy Strickland, and Wes Stowers
• Charles Pattillo hosted by Dick Thurman
• Frank Speer hosted by Dave Marco
• Bill Patillo hosted by Jay Gordon and Bill Austin

Charity Auction Donors
Warbirds Over Long Island
Dan Patterson-Flying
John Deere
Pioneer Aero Service Inc.